Your hair softer and strength with an oil bath

Oil bath of traded and adopted by many of the known means, but unfortunately there are many of using an oil bath incorrectly, making them not Istvidn full advantage of it.
Today we will learn together on the action steps correct oil bath for fine hair and give him everything he needs from hydration and nutrition so that you get the softness and strength that are looking for.

Steps oil bath strong and healthy and fine hair
  •  First you can choose a variety of oils or natural oils that suit your hair problems. For example: we recommend olive oil with garlic oil for the treatment of hair loss, but if your hair is suffering damage and embrittlement Vakhtari coconut oil along with bitter almond oil.
  •  You can choose 3 useful for hair and blended oils with some (so as not to lose their effectiveness Bachtlatha with each other), which are available in pharmacies, including: castor oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, aloe vera oil, almond oil, watercress, avocado oil, olive oil, lettuce oil, oil option.
  •  And then dividing the national hair into four sections and then kept warm oil from the scalp to the hair parties. Now, start massaging the scalp to make sure the penetration of the oil well, the entire scalp and hair shafts.
  •  Then covered with a plastic bag of hair (hat nylon) for at least one hour of the rinse hair with warm water and shampoo.
  • Until you get a quick result after oil put on the hair Use a hair dryer on hot air for a few minutes until the oil penetrates quickly into the scalp and hair or national heating oil slightly....

National test oils when used for the first time on the inner skin of your elbow or the back of the neck to make sure just minutes from the absence of any adverse reaction or allergy you have direction.
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