What is the relationship between the wife's makeup and excitement in sex life?

Many men affected public appearance for the wife, and the clothes and hairstyle and make-up, and we are talking today about how to ignite the intimacy between you and your husband make-up effect of the relationship.

Attention Pmakiaj eyes, the eyes are telling and reflect the intimacy more than any other features in your face. For those of you highlight the eyes congregation glamorous and bold shades gold or silver, according to the color of your skin, mascara also give it glow and maturity of the eyes, you can put Strasse on the eyelashes or wear contact lenses and other change in the form of violence and Makiajha.

Tanning, is a bronze color of the skin of the most attractive and exciting colors, so we recommend that you learn the art of tanning makeup that color did not Tkzbe in a solarium or sun by the swimming beach. Remember, no matter what your color, the bronze color suits you, but you have to know what degree and how it can be applied Balsbri or Mickey August.

Highlighting the lips, you can bring the lips that were Rfaotain for example, or if you you like the color red gown or your spouse loves example. Othristi yourself playing makeup and show Gerotk it in your home, especially if your husband loves make-up you.

Do not forget the nail polish, you may miss that put your nail polish, but one of the most important elements of beauty that bold and distinctive woman show. So do not choose the color Ngvla attractive highlights the beauty of your hands and completes the look.

If this is not your husband loves make-up, then you can resort to the makeup Naked, which also gives the impression that you are bold, you do not care much beauty powders and self-sufficient. Remember to hide dark circles under the eyes, and Use the basis of the color of your skin is completely hides the flaws and shows it to be the purest and water-resistant so as not to Tltkhi pillows and shirt husband also cream.
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