What is cellulite and how to get rid of it

Many women wonder about the difference between stretch marks and cellulite, and many of puzzled about how to get rid of it and enjoy the beautiful healthy skin supple tight.

Cellulite is a gathering of fat between the lower skin tissue randomly due to the increased size of some of the fat cells if it does not reach an appropriate amount of blood, and thus the heterogeneity occurs in the skin. The main reason for the appearance of cellulite is the same reason for the appearance of stretch marks, a lack of skin elasticity and general weakness. Show skin as if it were curling is a tight course aesthetic problem, such as the problem of stretch marks though it solved more easily.

Cellulite in the same places that show the stretch marks show which areas of fat accumulate due to an increase in fat cells from other, a buttocks, thighs, abdomen and arms, as well as the breast.

Among the factors that affect and cause the occurrence of life in a format that is unhealthy, such as sitting for long hours in the office and lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol and eating unhealthy foods and so on.

Degrees of cellulite
There are degrees to the appearance of cellulite, including first class, which show if they held those areas with your hands, but you you look outwardly gracefully and appropriately, and the second class which is the next stage will appear during the stand and you can see in the mirror, and the third class, an increase case becomes apparent.

Protective factors

It is important to know how Takin yourself from the problem occurs, which is limited to the enjoyment of a healthy life are taking a healthy food system and Tqlaan bad habits such as eating at night, smoking, alcohol intake, and you practice the sport and Tmutiran where to eat a lot of water.

The fact that you care about your life, according to a healthy pace would be banned from the cellulite and reduce the problem worse if you suffer from a first degree of cellulite, for example, but in fact will not go away completely.

How to get rid of cellulite accumulated?

While some doctors believe that it can not fully get rid of cellulite, but sessions Alfelaship device, which works to improve the access of necessary oxygen to the cells and tissues under the skin layers and stimulate blood circulation and vary the number of sessions as needed, but others believe that the Exercise regularly and specifically some exercises help to improve the shape of these areas contributes to the very no need never to succumb to those meetings

It is also important Skin Care As mentioned using moisturizers increase skin hydration and elasticity and strength.

Important factors to reduce cellulite
1. Cut down on salt and sugar in the diet, it helps to reduce fat is under the skin.

2. Use some natural masks to massage your skin, including coffee, olive oil and vinegar apple mask. Put two tablespoons of coffee with two tablespoons of olive oil with apple cider vinegar, and Massage the skin and rub it on your skin and leave for two minutes and then rinse your body.

3. Marcy some exercise for these areas, such as exercise and abdominal pressure and exercise buttocks and others....
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