Study: Natural-looking women the most important factor in determining the degree of attractiveness

Most women are keen to put makeup before going out of the house for the emergence of the best image, but a new British study has confirmed that this is just a waste of time because the natural look is the most important factor in determining the degree of gravity enjoyed by women.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of York, the cosmetics situation does not play only a limited role in enhancing the attractiveness of women, because the natural look is more important when it comes to determining the beauty and attractiveness of women's degree in the eyes of others, especially men.

The researchers said, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" the British, that while women make cosmetic powders more attractive to some extent for others, it is rare to play any role when compared to a natural appearance.

The researchers explained that beauty is on the face of an attractive woman powders situation will not make it more attractive than a beautiful woman who does not put any powders Beauty, Vmlameh woman and her character (who was born with them originally) define gravity.

The study included 44 girls aged between 18 and 21 years old, was filmed every one of them before and after the cosmetics, then the images presented to a group of 62 people of both sexes and asked them to determine the degree of attractiveness of each girl.

After calculate the result, the researchers found that the cosmetics accounted for only 2% in determining the girls' enjoyment of gravity or not, while represented by the general attractiveness of the girl and her features and her large proportion in determining this matter and reached 69%.
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