Scoliosis Pain and Chiropractic Treatment

Scoliosis is a medical condition where the spine of the human body gets deformed. The deformation is most predominantly in the form of curving of the spine laterally. The spine typically forms a complex structure and deviates from its naturally straight form. An x-ray of the spine of a person suffering from scoliosis may portray an image of the spine resembling a C or an S shaped structure. This image suffers from the limitations of an x ray being a 2D image. A thorough 3D diagnosis can reveal that the curved shape, although lateral, may not be exactly in the same plane of axis. That is to say that scoliosis may lead the spine to get bent or curved laterally but without being exactly in the same plane alignment in respect to the back. Some portions of the spine may get protruded outwards or inwards despite being a lateral deformation in shape and structure.

Scoliosis can be caused at the time of birth owing to some vertebral anomalies, it may not have any cause whatsoever and an individual can suddenly start to suffer from it at a certain stage of life and it may be an associated symptom for any other medical condition. Other causes of scoliosis are spinal muscular atrophy, cerebral palsy, physical trauma, spina bifida and also a rare health ailment known as Chiari malformation.
Scoliosis Pain and Chiropractic Treatment
The most common symptom of Scoliosis is uneven bodily structures. For instance, people suffering from scoliosis are likely to have uneven musculature on either side of the spine, uneven hips or legs and arms or shoulder blade. Some patients can also have poor nerve action. Scoliosis may also lead to compressing of the lungs and the heart if the deformed curvature is more towards the upper back region.

Why get Chiropractic treatment for Scoliosis?

Chiropractic treatment is the best solution to help with scoliosis and all the associated symptoms including pain, spinal degeneration and spinal misalignment. A study was conducted with 28 adult patients suffering from scoliosis. They were under a chiropractic rehab program for 6 months. The patients found natural relief from scoliosis pain, disability scores were cut down by half and they reported 40% reduction in pain. The patients also benefited from spinal realignment and were able to breathe normally again. Chiropractic treatment is a great holistic treatment for scoliosis.
The findings of the study were published in Morningstar, Mark W “Outcomes for adult scoliosis patients receiving chiropractic rehabilitation: a 24 month retrospective analysis” Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. January 2011; 10: 179-184
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