Risks of intimacy during the menstrual cycle

Many are wondering if the exercise of the sexual relationship during the menstrual cycle properly or do not. It seems according to studies and opinions of doctors and experts, it is not sound at all as it may cause inflammation and lead to the proliferation and spread of bacteria. In order know more about the subject, followers of the site you provided details of my health.

The importance of moving away from intimacy

- Experts say that the practice of intimacy during the menstrual cycle may double the incidence of infections.

- The exercise of the sexual relationship may lead during the menstrual cycle with the passage of time to blockage in the fallopian tubes that lead to infertility, and vaginal infections may extend to the bladder.

- The practice of sexual intercourse during menstruation is threatening to men's health, too, because the germs of infectious hit by different infections in the genitals extends to the urinary tract. These infections may extend to involve the prostate and Ahoislten Alntin and testicles.

What is the effect of caffeine during the menstrual cycle?

- The danger of the exercise of the relationship of women to enter the bacteria into the uterus during menstruation, which is a breeding ground for microbes.

- The tissue that lines the wall of the cervix during the menstrual cycle exhibition of wounds and easy burglary, if the head of the sperm entered into these cells, it would be in Amkana bring about changes in the properties of the DNA within cells and makes them more susceptible to changes in cancer....
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