Natural and economic drink eliminates body fat

Fat accumulation of difficult problems that can not be disposed of easily, many women try to get rid of excess weight but unfortunately it is very difficult, so that today the oldest natural drink will work to lose weight without damage to your health, the natural components are situated kitchen.

Say goodbye to excess weight with green tea and mint drink
1 tablespoon mint leaves Alfrc
1 tablespoon of dry pomegranate peel
1 tablespoon of ginger Alboudr
1 tablespoon of green tea
Bring a clean pot where all the above ingredients and beautiful 3 cups of water.
After boiling components fully Leave the mixture to cool.
Strain mixture and placed in a clean airtight bottle.
Eat a cup of drink before eating main meals half an hour.
The benefits of the drink
Works on the sense of satiety, and burn the accumulated body fat quickly.
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