Nail polish illustrious Fashion Winter 2015

With the advent of winter, we move to the dark colors by nature and tranquility in our clothes and belongings, in this season of fashion came to break the base and provide us with brilliant colors and gleaming in the make-up and manicure.

Why not experimental dear new views and a touch witch from manicure illustrious, it the latest trend in the world of nail polish became the now non-compliance with the color of the clothes you can should use the colors do not match what you wear Vlaket be comfortable to the eye, acceptable and feel they complement Atalaltk and Atnqsa or make them unacceptable.

Together we will identify the colors that can be combined together to offer you in the end a new and distinct from manicures illustrious Locke.

Black and brilliant colors
Otgueni choose the right color high-end of the nails, and decorate the most beautiful black colors and gleaming that complement Atalaltk, you can use a manicure "Givenchy if Varney Black Glitring Nile Iker Land Top Coat" Givenchy Le Vernis Black Glittering Nail Lacquer & Top Coat with the addition of shiny attractive adorn your beautiful nails through touch of "Dior Varney Blusuming Top Coat" Dior Vernis Blossoming Top Coat Limited Edition, which sends the spirit and vitality in your nails....

Mix green with blue
To Ttagay trendy color is unparalleled, Ajele degrees nails mixed in between green and blue, and through the manicure "Gucci Nile Bold Glos to Iker The Iconic Otanio" Gucci Nail Bold High-Gloss Lacquer in Iconic Ottanio strange turquoise. And make your nails classy and feminine with this color, and after completing the dry manicure Use a touch of manicure "Lancome Holiday Varney In Love" Lancome Holiday 2014 Vernis in Love to increase his beautiful ideal to paint your nails this winter.

Jamilta The change is something very important to feel joy and Tjaddeda of inner beauty Vinbos on the outer beauty in everything, Take care of yourself and your beauty, you deserve it and more....
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