Here are the latest ways to enlarge the rear

The Brazilian Ass is the focus of the admiration of many around the world, but should not you to be from Rio de Janeiro to you get the same result! It is true that Aalmyat starlets like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian Achthern attractive because of their bodies, but that many of the ladies are still prefer rear Brazilian dream to get them. We are here to let you know that you can get through the following methods:
If you want to enlarge the rear and Temtlkin enough money, the rear carving may be best suited to you the procedure. The plastic surgeons who offer this procedure are using a special device that removes fat cells permanently and also strain the rear, you can also tighten thighs also the same device.

The Brazilians surgeons using VelaShape device to carve breeches, Kim Kardashian is one employed for this device. This device is safe and comfortable and effective and does not need any time to rest after use and can reach deep into the cells and melt the fat layers and decrease the size of the buttocks, thighs Psontimtrut clear.

If you do not intend to submit any beautifying procedures you can follow this exercise. Promises trained athletes Brazilians access to the rear of freehand and leaner by following these exercises for 5 minutes a day.

In the first minute national experience Train "BraÅželjan bit too twisted." Stand with feet put in a little broader level than shoulder width, Thbta toes out and let your shoulders to your side, then the national job training "Squat". In the second minute, then continue doing exercise Touchdowns, in the third minute national action exercises the Lunges, then add more of the "Squat" to Tkmla 5 minutes. Alterman make certain day to see the results.
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