Dealing with skin pills

Do you need the skin of infected grain to special treatment?

To be sure, all skin types should be handled gently and make sure appropriateness lotions used to it, but this of great importance for the infected skin pills Omar susceptibility to infection excess grain,When dealing with this kind Ashurbanipal must avoid itching and scratching, and avoid using cosmetics that rely on Knit skin, because this may lead to the opening of grain, which helps to Charabanc, and the occurrence of scar may be difficult demise,It should completely refrain from tampering with grain Dialogue them.

Mass facial appearance pills?

There are different factors that lead to infection pills face (acne) is the fluctuation level Hereunto occurrence is the most important of these factors, Milkmaid during puberty and adolescence, and during the menstrual cycle.One of the factors helping neglect hygiene skin care, and the use of cosmetics is not suitable for the skin and stress, skin irritation and itching due to frequent.It was believed that some food-related appearance of acne, but recent studies have proven not to be true.

How to Care and Cleaning favorite skin?

Of the most important aspects of the care of these skin frequent washing to get rid of the excess fat that usually accompany the infected skin pills.It does not favor Thirteenth doctors use soap cleaner infected grain of the skin, and are advised to use non-soapy cleanser for the skin, preferably of these detergents containing collagen types rule of inappropriate.And taken into account when cleaning non-violently rubbing the skin, but are cleaning move the fingers on the skin in a circular motion light, and is used in cleaning lukewarm water, not hot, and not taken into account during the cleaning of grain eraBecause it could lead to the spread of infection in addition to the occurrence scars are difficult to remove.

What are useful in the treatment of facial lotions pills?

Preparations containing cyclical acid:The cyclical acid works Remarkableness and therefore works deep cleaner for the skin and lead to the removal of sediment from the pores of the skin and is therefore useful in the fatty skin, especially coupled with the presence of beans or black heads Care.

Preparations containing cretin acid:Cretin acid, is a vitamin acid (a) It is considered one of the important treatments for acne, as it accelerates the formation of new skin cells, which helps to process the demise of inflammatory pills and bring new cells instead.

Effective against facial lotions and pills are considered material containing benzoyl peroxide or cyclical acid material or hydro acidsWe must choose the appropriate preparations for the case consult a doctor.
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