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Do You Want To Stay Awake During Your Tummy Tuck?

The use of cosmetic surgery in order to look good and feel good about themselves is a non-issue for people these days. There are many cosmetic operations obtainable these days, and Abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck” happens to be among the popular options. In the year 2009 alone, nearly 115,000 people have undergone the tummy tuck procedure, making it one of the five most commonly performed surgical cosmetic procedures.
However-just like any surgery-a complete, continuous recovery time is needed, usually between one to four weeks, with a good amount of that time spent off from work. A time out from work is needed during this recovery period, and physical exertion as well as smoking is highly discouraged. It will be another five more months before total recovery, and it usually takes between three to six months for the wound to fully heal. This is not taking into consideration the inherent risks of undergoing a surgical tummy tuck operation, not to mention the logistics of pre and post operation preparations.
For those who are having second thoughts aboutAbdominoplasty and all its disadvantages, the “awake tummy tuck” just might give them a whiff of fresh air. As the name would suggest, patients undergoing the Awake Tummy Tuck remain awake for the entire operation without feeling any pain.
Tumescent anesthesia is given to the patient, after which, no other additional anesthesia is usually needed. This local anesthesia tummy tuck is used in lieu of using general anesthesia in a conventional Abdominoplasty procedure. Without the general anesthetic to “knock them out”, patients remain aware and awake for the entire operation, all while feeling no pain at all.
The Awake Tummy Tuck has many variations. VASER liposuction is often used alongside Awake Tummy Tuck procedures. The other method is to use Zerona laser, which uses laser light instead of ultra-sonic waves to liquefy fatty tissues, or SmartLipo/SmartLipo with Aspiration.
Among the benefits of the awake tummy tuck is a significantly reduced recovery time, which cuts back the normal two to four weeks into just a matter of days. Skin removal is also circumvented; hence, scarring is kept to a minimum.
However, people should be made aware that Awake Tummy Tuck, or any other Abdominoplasty is not a substitute for proper weight loss, as only properly screened and approved people are eligible for theAwake Tummy Tuck procedure. Contact your localcosmetic surgeon who would be more than happy to inform you what the criteria are for having theAwake Tummy Tuck procedure.
A word of advice though: not all physicians are qualified to perform awake abdominoplasty in the first place. Some surgeons may have the false belief that since Awake Tummy Tuck may seem simple enough to perform, that they could do so without difficulty. It’s best to clear things up with the American Board of Plastic Surgery via their homepage (http://www.abplsurg.org) or their contact numbers to see if your surgeon is indeed qualified to perform Awake Tummy Tuck.
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Ever since I started working on losing weight, I've been considering the eventuality of how my body will look once I reach goal. I know there's going to be a LOT of extra skin (there already is, and I still have a ways to go). I still haven't decided, but being able to look at other people's experiences is very helpful. tummy tuck cost