Sizism with the Plus Size Community

Yes, I said it.  Sizism and it is starting to get even nastier the more people have access to social media platforms as they voice their concerns and thoughts about this.
But here’s the thing, when it comes to plus sizes, (whether we like it or not)  industry standard is sizes 12/14 and higher. While some agencies try to push for models lower than this, for the most part you will see models starting at a size 12/14.  Now the community is at a place where they are demanding a plus size model to be more visibly plus size, and this is great!  However, that does not mean that the models being used are not, they just happen to be on the smaller side of plus.

But this is not what bothers me.

As plus size women, we have fought over the years for an equal playing field in fashion.  We have fought for access to fashion.  We have fought for inclusion in mainstream fashion and challenged stereotypes.  We have reshaped the perception of beauty!

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