Pour off the dry skin.

Dry skin problem faced by most women, especially in the winter, with low temperatures contribute with dry air in the cracking of the skin and Khcontha.

Here are five great natural solutions to maintain the freshness and beauty of the skin and protect it from drought

1.dqik oats.
Oatmeal is gentle on the skin from the elements. It is safe on sensitive skin; nationalist blending (milled oatmeal + grinded almonds + tablespoon honey), and Daém on your skin with slow rubbing with a soft towel. This method will feed your skin and give freshness and radiance
Sugar has many benefits for the skin is moist wonderful laxative him, as it is suitable for all skin types and all regions as well, and the proof is the possibility of using it on the lips to exfoliate and hydrate, and you can use it on the scalp to stimulate blood circulation by, as well as the big benefits in giving your skin sparkle and radiance.

To take advantage of it on the skin national mix one teaspoon of sugar with other olive oil with rubbing the skin gently.

3.aljos and grape seeds.
Nuts and seeds of grapes works to alleviate skin roughness Kalrkptin, ankles and elbows, but it is not suitable for sensitive skin may work on inflammation. National crushed grape seeds and almonds to a fine powder and rub its skin, especially coarse places in the body for a soft, moist skin.

Rice not just a meal, but it is an essential element in skin care. Fbmkan rice treat rashes spam, and get rid of the inflammation of eczema and nourish the skin as well; nationalist grinding rice in the form of powder and Pour with fragrance-free lotion and Amsjém well, then Daém on your skin for 20 minutes. In the end, wash your skin well and put them your Karim moist with water.
5.oagira Do not forget to drink two liters of water, at least until you keep the freshness and purity of your skin.
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