Frequently asked questions about hair removal waxing

Is it possible to remove the hair permanently with waxing?
Absolutely not. Hair removal with waxing can only deliver temporary hair removal result. Any kind of wax claims that it can remove hair permanently is cheating. Waxing is one of the best temporary hair removal methods since it can remove the hair from the root of hair follicle.

Does waxing hair removal suited for any body area?
No exactly. Waxing method can be used in most body areas. The areas with problems such as acne, damage, burn etc cannot be waxed. The people who are allergic to wax should not do receive waxing treatment. For the men, mustache and beard should use wax to remove the hair since the hair is too strong and coarse.

How long does the result last with waxing?
Generally, waxing can laser about four to six weeks. However, it is depended upon your hair condition.

Does it hurt?
The first waxing experience should deliver some pain. However, if you have good waxing techniques or receive the professional waxing treatment, your pain can be reduced greatly. However, you have to choose the high hair removal waxing products. Your waxing pain would be reduced as your waxing experience grows. For the sensitive skin area, you need to use the special wax made for that area. For example, for your bikini and face area, wax with gentle ingredients should be applied.

What is the different between hot waxing and cold waxing? 
As to the hair removal result, both hot wax and cold wax deliver the same result and they sue the same work principle.
The hot waxes is melt with wax heater or warmer until the temperature is a little above our body temperature, then apply it onto your skin evenly. Once the wax hardens, rip it off with nonwoven or cellophane wax strips paper. All your hair would come off with wax.
Cold waxes do not need heating with wax warmer. Generally, it is pre coated wax strips. After heated with hands, just apply the ready made strips onto your target area and then tear it off with a quick motion.

Can I get sunbathing or tanning?
No. You should never go to sunbath or tanning before waxing.

What should I prepare before waxing treatment
You can trim your hair into several millimeters if it is too long. Do not shave.

Can I do physical exercise after waxing?
No. Just after waxing, your skin is very delicate and easy to get infection.

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