Four basic steps for skin care at night

The ideal time for skin care is before you go to sleep you Tnzvin skin of all make-up that you used throughout the day and helps you get rid of the dirt that was exposed skin due to weather factors

The first step: cleaning twice first to remove make-up using a make-up remover, and the second for cleaning the skin itself

Step Two: Catcher massage and facial massage two or three times a week is the secret of beauty and freshness of the skin, skin Vtdlak improves circulation and reduces stress and stimulates the flow of oxygen and nutrients that improve skin elasticity, as it opens the pores of the skin
You can make a mask in the days that are not evaluating a facial massage

Step Three: toner, some believe that the toner is important and time consuming but in fact it is of considerable importance is closing the pores and removes dead skin cells and dirt that relationship did not remain in a step cleaning

Step Four: moisturizing skin moisturizer at night is very important for ravenously So try not to Thmli this step, use the following Creek suitable for your skin type
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