Five Steps to the work of nail polish dotted professionally

Certainly watched by the dotted nail polish or as it is called by drawing a "polka dot" on the fashion models and codes of fashion in pictures scattered on the famous Bandreast site. You can also work this Hooray yourself at home with some simple and easy steps. Learn Below

The modus operandi of nail polish dotted professionally in only five steps.

The tools that you need:
Transparent nail polish (constituent)

Two colors of your choice for nail polish

Transparent nail polish (final)

1. Begin put a layer of nail polish constituent.

2. nationalist paint your nails one of the two colors of their selection by you. Apply two layers of it and then leave it to dry completely.

3. Seek the help now Bkhalh dental work points. Dip party trait in the other color NATIONAL then making points on each fingernail.

4. Repeat until the completion of each fingernail, and patron of Ammi not fill with fluid so as not to Attalkh nail.

5. Leave your nails two minutes to dry, then put the final layer of transparent nail polish....

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