Eat a healthy diet and massage spend on cellulite

Sarah Haritzmaar Physiotherapist German confirmed that the lack of physical activity and diet is a healthy increase the chances of the appearance of cellulite in the body, stressing the need to moisturize the affected areas Balsilolit throughout the year, not during the summer season and swimming, but do tighten tissue through alkaline baths do on a regular basis or mask work to flatten the strength of the body and relaxing. 

Skin Care is no longer the only way to cope with cellulite, which confirms the dermatologist Nicholas Otto "that creams peeling creams Skin Care generation is working to soften the skin and take care of it from the outside only, but can not be limited in the face of cellulite in an integrated manner on the external treatment for skin only ; because it does not represent the only way to help. " 

The Otto in laser treatment that the use of devices that affect the skin from the inside by radio frequencies, can help effectively to impart an attractive image on the skin form, in addition to massages stimulate blood in the body into force, but it will not work all that any benefit at all, no matter abounded & massage sessions or were skin moisturizing creams, without a healthy lifestyle. 

It also says Physiotherapist German Haritzmaar: "In general, works smoking and alcohol and drugs to increase the cellulite problem", stressing the need to avoid the types of food containing large amounts of sugar.
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