Discard spam hair under the skin!

Bristles troublesome germinate under the skin and prevent you from removing various forms without wounds injury ... It certainly is the most common aesthetic problems that bother many women and girls of different age groups. But, you can now become the face of this obstacle that stands in the face of sometimes idealism Atalaltk and glittering easy and natural ways:


- Make sure dramatically on a daily moisturizing for the skin because it helps to calm the follicles and open the pores of the skin to grow hair in the right direction. Also do not forget to also moisturize the skin well before and after the hair removal process, it is preferable to use a moisturizing aloe vera base.

- Aatmda intensely blends, cosmetics, peeling, but be careful of Scrap be appropriate to the nature of your skin type.

- Drain excess hair infrequently as possible, to be removed in the direction of hair growth, not vice versa. Also, be careful not to pressure excessively during the removal process, because they cause the hair follicles rise to the surface of the skin to expose what inflammation.

- If you suffer from an extreme case, use creams that prevent the formation of a dense layer of skin, which deters the growth of hair follicles in the diagonal direction under the skin, but it is necessary to consult a doctor before choosing any kind.

- Heated national skin before hair removal through bathing with warm water and completely contrary with cold water after hair removal to close the pores.
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