Denied breast cancer link to wear a bra

There are conflicting reports recently about wearing a bra always breast cancer link, but a recent study has shown denied the disease and to wear a bra link.

Long ago, some believe that the bra to prevent the discharge of lymphatic fluid from the bottom of the breast, causing an accumulation of toxins in it; however, the new study showed that there is no evidence that supports the claim that the bra increase the risk of breast cancer in women.

The researchers studied usually wear a bra and factors of risk for breast cancer, such as weight, family history of breast cancer, and found that women who took part study suffered from breast cancer for several reasons, including they received for hormone replacement therapy, and that there is a family history of breast cancer class The first (mother, sister, daughter) and they did not give birth to children before.

The researchers did not find any relationship between wearing a bra and high risk for breast cancer, did not affect any of the following factors pertaining to wear a bra at high risk of developing this disease:

- Bra size and change in size over time.

- Rate the hours that wears women's bra on a daily basis.

- Wear a bra supported.

- A woman's age at first wearing a bra.

The researchers said they did not find in their study no evidence that wearing a bra increases the risk of breast cancer, and that the risk was similar in all the cases that have been mentioned previously.

Breast cancer is the most common types of cancers affecting women, in the statistics of the World Health Organization in 2012, found that breast cancer hit nearly 1.7 woman around the world! Breast cancer affects large numbers of women in the Arab world.
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