Burn fat without Sport

Many women prefer to get a beautiful body and get rid of a number of extra kilos but hates exercise or may not have enough time to practice, so give you some easy and simple solutions that enables you to burn calories and melt away fat without sport:

Spicy foods:
There is no doubt that the chili, as well as some types of spices and strong, able to stimulate the fat burning process to have a multiplier, do not hesitate to enter these types of foods to your diet

Cold water:
When you're cold water to drink heavily during the day, your body works to burn more calories in order to compensate for the lack of heat in the body and filed again.

Sleep in a cold room
May be amazed at how effective this technique, but sleeping in a relatively cool room without heavy blankets inevitably will help you burn more calories during sleep, based on the same principle to drink cold water during the day.

Chewing gum:
Azza fat burning process and Aguetla hours of boredom at the same time and you are sitting in front of the TV through the development of sugar-free gum in your mouth and Aamadgaha to stimulate the fat burning process you have, because you can get rid of 100 calories through chewing gum for just two hours!      
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