Best Recipes of the season for the hair sleek and attractive

Did you come back from the beach trips and found your hair very dry? May think that he needs to take care of an intensive course in the beauty center, but Tmhli P "Madam Net" will be presented to you in the following recipes and beauty centers for evaluating implemented by yourself at home without having to spend more money:

eggs and vinegar more softness and glow to hair mask
two eggs
a quarter cup of vinegar
a quarter cup of olive oil
teaspoon of mustard
1.daa eggs with mustard and vinegar in a blender for 3 minutes.
2.abdi develop oil from the slot cover so that it is in the form of very fine line and hands raised to the top until the mixture becomes thick.
3.daah on your hair beginning of the parties and even the scalp.
4.gti your hair and leave for half an hour with a repeat this recipe for more smoothness and luster of the hair once a week.

combination Hair Care with nature softer and smooth hair components
a cup of your soothes
a cup of honey
Two tablespoons of olive oil
Mix the ingredients together, then Grease your hair out, and leave the mixture on your hair for a full hour....
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