Benefits of green apple for diet

A new study shows that eating one apple a day reduces the calories in people who ate an apple about 15 minutes of eating their lunch they have received almost 190 calories, compared to those who did not eat an apple before,

The study presented recently told a conference of the Obesity Society, an association of scientists and experts specializing in weight loss, eating apples that the greatest idea to lose weight as tested by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, how to eat apples in different forms affects calorie intake,

Studied 59 men and women with normal weights were coming to the lab to eat their breakfast meals and lunches for five weeks.

Before lunch the participants, either do not receive anything or receive 1.5 medium apple, peeled and cut in size (about 125 calories) or the same amount of calories in the paste of apples or apple Bolaaffh juice or without them, and after about 15 minutes

  Presented to the participants lunch of tortellini with cheese (a kind of small pasta retained), according to the results of the participants who ate apples 187 calories less at their eating lunches compared to others who drank apple puree or juice or who did not take anything eating.

In a recent study of the world, "Rio Hai Yi - Riu Hai Liu" University "Cornell" - concluded that despite the fact that Apple has a small amount of vitamin C, 100 grams of apple fruit handled extend the human body as effective antioxidant that is obtained when eating 1,500 mg of vitamin same, taking care not to eat large amounts of apple seeds because they cause poisoning.

So Madam Make sure to eat apples due to being an important source of ridding the body of toxins, and the juice kills viruses in the body.
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