3 steps to skin care before going to sleep

For silk velvet skin, you have to Trace routine skin care and maintain freshness. But the atmosphere of work or study Tkhaddaan it may adversely affect the freshness of your skin, as the severe stress has a negative impact on the beauty in general.

And that you can not interest your skin all the time, due to you are engaged in many of the burdens, the "Madam Net" advise you to do protein daily fast for skin care, before going to sleep; Vahioah and glamor of your skin is not to be underestimated, no matter what the concerns of the day.
Here's the quick steps:
1. before going to sleep, a national pamper your skin thick layer of body care cream. Preferably, these creams are natural ingredients, even revive your skin and restore the moisture lost throughout the day.
One of the best creams moisturize the skin, which you can use before going to sleep, those that contain lavender in its components, because it gives a sense of comfort and relaxation, as well as the smell fragrant and refreshing.
2. Enjoy a warm bath before going to bed. But it should not exceed the temperature 38 ° C; and so as not to dry out your skin. You can also be replaced by a warm bath to exercise some simple yoga exercises for 10 minutes.
3. Because the skin to lose a third of the moisture stored content inside during the night, they are more likely to absorb the moisturizing materials and care at this time; therefore, the night creams and natural oils are essential bedtime for the renewal of skin cells and help in her recovery, as you can apply a natural masks thick , which extends its influence for several hours in the morning.
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