Tips damaged hair to regain its luster and sparkle

Damaged hair and pale to the special care needs, in order to regain its luster and sheen and smooth to the touch and recovers Hariri adorns the forehead of women Kaeltag.

She said the magazine "Froendin" The German sound Care serves as a lifeline for damaged hair, pointing out that the first step is to save hair cut Parties regularly wash hair preparations nice free of silicon and avoid hot air hair dryer as much as possible.

And complementary step advises the magazine concerned with beauty and fashion make bath care on a regular basis, pointing to the possibility that the woman preparing bath care itself using some simple household tools.

And "Froendin" showed that it can prepare bath hair care extends important nutrients that will restore the smoothness and luster of natural olive oil, honey and whole milk yogurt and egg yolks.
For this purpose, four are in addition to five teaspoons of warm olive oil and two tablespoons of honey and fresh eggs yolks in a bowl, then whisk ingredients racket by whites.
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