Mask for the skin rich nutrients and holder of the quality certificates

The latest addition in the world of beauty products, a group of face masks knife Rapablk Skin Republic winning quality certificates in Boots pharmacies across the United Arab Emirates. Masks knife Rapablk underwent the test on the skin, as it combines the latest technology in the field of skin care properties with nature to strengthen it and add a natural luster of her products. Besides containing rich components concentrated nutritious elements for the skin, they are working on the renewal and moisturizing, Fathafez them healthy and supple.

Products include: face mask of nutritious vegetable proteins of stem cells, the processor of the facial mask spots + blackheads, collagen mask, face lift of platinum mask, whitening facial mask vitamin C, and finally the face mask of Coenzyme Q10 + caviar.

The paper masks are very effective in providing the skin with what it needs to feed due to direct contact with skin, making it ideal for providing a large moisten the skin and high feed. They also usually help to repair damaged skin cells. This is due to that paper masks are one of the most effective in providing the skin with the necessary means of feeding, because they contain a large amount of soft materials - they are immersed in the composition of the literal sense of the word - it is also saturated components.

Components were distributed evenly inside the mask paperwork to ensure that every part of the skin on the equal amount of makeup. When using paper masks of knife Rapablk, this enables the skin from breathing masks; because they act as "an extra layer of skin." This helps the skin to absorb the structure faster and more effectively than traditional creams and masks. Paper masks as well as preventing the access of bacteria and pollutants to the skin, which may occur when you put the masks of those creams masks that can cause placed and removed a lot of trouble. For contrast, does not cause the development of paper masks of Rapablk knife and remove any of this trouble when cleaning the skin
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