Learn about the causes of hair loss

Many women suffer from hair loss and lack of luster, and confirms Dr. Mahmoud Abdul Rahim teacher skin and reproductive medicine at Ain Shams diseases that are many reasons behind hair loss, including kidney disease, bladder and sugar.

He added that good food plays a prominent role in improving hair form, pointing out that the foods that affect it positively is rich in amino acids .. yogurt, eggs, onions and Almitomin which is protected from precipitation.

He explained that it can overcome the fading eating vitamin B-5 and B 8 It strengthens the hair and makes it shinier, also reduces the creep of white hairs and the absorption of vitamin B-5 in the body compensates the effect of lack of sleep and stress nervous and we get it from the grain and rye bread and wheat germ, meat and yeast, vegetables, fruit and walnuts.

And drug therapy, and indicates that there are types of drugs and effective Alasebrehat, we use a three months for at least the appearance of the result, but it is mesotherapy injection to the scalp at the hands of certain vitamins doctors specialists to achieve a quick and guaranteed result.
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