Bright colors coordinate and break the monotony of the autumn blues

Invade the world of fashion bright colors in the autumn / winter 2014/2015 to give women a bright and shining views are common atmosphere of joy and break the monotony of the blues this time of year.

Fashion that this year boasts a fiery red, orange, pink, purple, and yellow berries degrees KHARDALI royal blue, along with some amortized autumn colors, such as red Bordeaux and green olive-green colored algae and sea blue, brown and pale yellow.

  That a woman seeking an attractive views kidnap sight, can the bright colors coordinate with each other whatever it pleases; where they can, for example, orange coordinate with pink, blue or violet coordinate with yellow KHARDALI and Red blatant, taking into account not be more than three colors coordinate with each other.

The women that are looking for a modern views, but quieter, it can coordinate with bright colors amortized colors; if, for example, combines fiery red and red Bordeaux or brown or yellow KHARDALI with pale yellow or brown.

And bright colors look at the top of magnificence and beauty with black, white, gray and Anthracite, while amortized chime with the colors white, gray, beige...
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