Avoid these mistakes with hair Almales

Despite the fact that nature makes it easy demobilization and care, you can by the mistakes that Tertkibnha right that turns into a nightmare, what negatively affects Atalaltk, nature wisps thin hair Almales, make it fast disrepair more than other types of hair, for this it is necessary and useful to know what is actions which hurt worse, to avoid committing entirely:

1. do you deal with him harshly after bathing, while Unlike curly hair, but it will not be finding it difficult to discharge, prefers not dried strongly, or comb, or linked to a damp, Fajslath film would be an easy break-up time, so you have to wait until it dries, and you start to do the steps previous.

2. Tktherin from the use of hair styling tools, Kalmdjad and sprays and gels and even cruel ligaments, an error includes all types of hair, even if it will spoil the health of your hair Almales more than others, here's what you're not in dire need of these tools, we recommend discharging them completely, and use only on special occasions.

3. you have used lotions is dedicated to quality and nature, which could spoil the show pale and weak, it is necessary to know that the assigned structure, taking into account the nature of the thin wisps, which try as much as possible to maintain.

4. Tktherin of tints put it, and you change your hair color according to the fashions change, oblivious to the great harm that Tqtervanh, which weakens the hair, to the extent that it becomes impossible to return to the previous status.

5. Taatjahlain the importance of protecting your hair from the sun's rays and the external influences of nature, both in terms of creams or hats, while the multiplier you have to take care of this step, because you need it most.
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