Avoid them wrong habits to avoid breast Atralat

Chest sagging problem dogging many of the ladies .. Here is a selection of the bad habits that must be abandoned for breast taut.

1. Hot water
Avoid very hot water bathing because it hurts your chest and increases contouring, but you should use cold water after the completion of the bathroom daily, and you can pass snowballs inside of a piece of cloth over the breasts from the bottom to the top to get the taut skin of this region.

2. Hands-pressure
Do not put pressure on your breasts and you included your arms around your chest and wear a bra size fitting without being tight or stressful to them.

3-way sit
Sit straight and your shoulders Return to always stay tight and your chest high, this situation allows the muscles to work well and give you the correct form of the chest.

4-cruel sport

Avoid extreme sports movements that put pressure on your chest, but Marcy aerobics Join the muscles that move without damaging the internal tissue of the breasts.

5-sleeping on the stomach

Try to stay away from sleeping on the belly Thdthen so as not to put pressure on this region, but, expanded on your back because this method does not harm in the breasts.

6. diet difficult
Harsh diet leads to change the shape of breasts and their size, so make sure to eat foods rich in protein because it works on the muscles that carry breast feeding.
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