6 steps to a healthy and strong hair

There are a lot of reasons that may cause precipitation of the hair. Some may be medically, and others may be due to the wrong routine in dealing with hair. Here are six steps of "Madam Net" to get rid of the Start by hair loss from today, and if your hair continues to fall and embrittlement then you should consult your doctor

1.alhvaz hair Cleanliness: your hair needs special care to deal with it in light of fluctuating environmental conditions, so you have interest in using the shampoo nature fits with the need to contain antibacterial, and do not forget to use the appropriate soothes your hair.
2.tdlak scalp: your scalp is the foundation upon which the health of your hair, you can take advantage of the benefits of massage through wash your hair with shampoo once a week and drink a little mint, this massage helps to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp entire head.
3.bad for Iron Hair: Can high temperature and excess chemicals that weaken the hair and cause him embrittlement and drought, leading to they broke and damaged. To overcome this you should be doing put nourishing mask to the scalp and hair contains vitamins B5 and E proteins once every week.
4.boukhakhat hair: There are some types of sprays that help you to get curly hair and others can help you get an attractive, thick hair, try to choose the right sprayer to maintain the beauty and health of your hair.
5.If you are the owners of the hair light light; you change your hair color to black or brown seem even more intense.
6.oama hair was long and light of the parties; you cut your hair down until the parties seem more intense and attractive.
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