Use ice cubes to flatten the skin and other uses amazing

Celebrity most warm-hearted and experience behind the challenge "ice bucket" and pour it on themselves, and we Ansagna behind this experience for entertainment and enjoy their reaction chalazia funny, but you know, dear women enormous benefits for snow in aesthetic uses? Here are the most important:

- Firming: do not miss passing of an ice cube on your face every day because he would work to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. The method of using ice cubes to pass through a piece of them on your face in circular motions quick way facial massage. You may feel chill for the first time, but you Statadin later.

  - To impart color pink: Improves snow color of your skin and make it bright and rosy and that by activating the circulatory system that transmits the necessary vitamins and minerals for your skin.
- To get rid of dark circles appear dark circles under the eyes as a result of the stressful factors and ensure stimulants of coffee and tea, and here lies the solution to resort to ice packs under the eyes, Gerbhe daily Stdhishan of the result.

- To install up: The snow helps to install Macaiajk for a longer time. I passed quickly ice cube on the skin, and can be sprayed "spray" snow on the face, and shall be within 20 cm of the skin, and will last Macaiajk for the longest possible period.

- To ease the pain: working ice cubes on anesthesia areas of the body and face, especially to relieve pain caused by removal of excess hair. I passed a piece of them before this process two minutes.

- For protection from the sun's rays: Belli small towel and place in ice water, then put them on your skin for 10 minutes before going out of the house, and after dry skin national status sunscreen.

After all these benefits for snow, Try Today and Enjoy rosy skin and wrinkle-free without any Taatqaibdi financial costs.
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