Tips to treat hair loss in autumn

Is there a relationship between autumn and hair loss? This was confirmed by a team of scientists in a study published on the site "raut" for women's health, that the fall does not just come cold and rainy, but many suffer also from hair loss through separation, especially women, so progress "Cairo House" gate on the seventh day of cognitive and learning some tips to maintain the health of your hair in this chapter.

Amazing Tips to take care of your hair during the autumn
1- Experts advise the need to maintain the cleanliness of the scalp and dried always so as not to become a suitable environment for hair loss.

2 - Use lukewarm oil to massage the scalp once a week.

3 - You must use a moisturizer for hair with the need not to put large amounts of this humidifier.

4 - should not be combing the hair using a narrow brush.

5 - minimize the use of electric hair dryer, and prefers to leave the hair dry naturally.

6 - Experts advise cut hair during the autumn if the weak and strong.
Scientific truth about hair loss

It is worth mentioning that there is a belief among scientists that the hair is falling heavily in women during the autumn months, especially in the month of October, it is known that the length of "life" of the hair at an average of two to six years.
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