The way you sleep determines your personality and your aspirations future!

"Tell me how you sleep less than you", this shortcut Robert Phipps, body language expert, the four most common situations that determine the possibility of personal knowledge of the person and his philosophy of life in the way of sleep in the last study.

The status of your sleep expresses your personality and how Tmohatk..aaraf in the following pictures

 Considered the status of "Chaser" the third most common, any which extends his hands during sleep like chasing something, which is explained by an expert body language that the person is trying to chase his dreams, and means that the person who sleeps in this situation wants a lot of life, and is ready to go beyond his dreams and obtained with both hands.
The status of the second "tree trunk", adopted by nearly three in every ten people, sleep straight through with the parties to put the two sides. This situation indicates that the person is flexible and rigid in thinking, in other words, clinging to his opinion and stubborn.

Over 50% of adults in Britain are sleeping in the status of "fetus" no lying on their side annexation of their feet and their hands, as this situation indicates that the person concerned, so he is looking for "comfort zone" of any childhood and safety a day after fatiguing, as suffers who sleep in this position are suffering from remorse, excessive thinking.

Finally, there are 17% of respondents said they sleep in the status of a free fall "any sleep under the guidance face down and extend the arms or embrace the pillow, which is explained by" the desire to adhere to in life. "And says that those who sleep this way feel lonely, as if life walk around them as they try dangling from them without being able to control what will happen in the next day.
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