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Markets sink much of skin care products, but of any age girls begin to get a feel on the skin care routine? It is better to start the girl routine Bbashrtha attention since the age of 17-18 years and a day off because the constant exposure to the sun displays the skin of many of the problems, the beginning of the dry skin to the appearance of pimples and spots. So Here's The Complete Guide to Skin Care If you are a teen

In the morning, Begin using a gentle lotion suitable for your skin type to get rid of the effects of make-up or dust or excess skin oils. But the pastor not contain any material that works on dry skin. Wash your face with circular movements and avoid rubbing your face, then my Tonraly your face to close the pores and cleansed of bacteria.

- Moist skin moisturizer every day light by plants to protect from the sun and harmful rays and free of oils and preferably contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

- Cleanse your skin in the evening light disinfectant containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid and vitamin A. Do not forget to put in the evening light moisturizer on your face and neck, preferably containing amino acids and amino Alheidroxah alpha and beta.

- If you are at the beginning of the emergence of any pimples that it is not serious acne, go to the doctor and dermal Follow Arushdath. Beware of tampering in pimples so you do not cause long-lasting scars.

- Get rid of dead cells that your face once a week whether Bmakecr nice mask or head to the yogurt, honey and oatmeal is a natural exfoliant works really excellent.

Note: You must wash your hands thoroughly before using any skin care products as well as anything approaching cleansing of the face such as telephone, for example, so as to prevent the transmission of bacteria to the face.
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