The beauty of women has the same effect on the brain drug man

"Beauty is a relative matter," the phrase repeated by many. Norwegian researchers have proved that beauty is not a relative matter, but it depends largely on combinations of certain chemical in the brain can be stimulated or reduce them through external influences.

A feeling of happiness and comfort that you feel after seeing something beautiful, whether a painting or a beautiful flower or even an attractive woman, and our desire to prolong consider him, due to the beauty activates reward centers in the brain, which gives the same feeling, which is followed by success in the exam or win a game or even substance abuse.

To find out the effect of beauty on the brain, conducted by researchers at the University of Oslo, the Norwegian experience offered during the thirty people group pictures of the faces of several women for a period of five seconds per image, and then asked them to then assess the beauty of every woman in the photos.

The second part of the experiment, published by the site scinexx on scientific news, Votah for men in the control display for each image by pressing the button a certain way that allows them to consider lengthening of the image or move them quickly to the next image.

After that experience I moved to the latter part, which was a repeat of the issue of display images, but after the partition of the men study subjects into three groups. I got the first set before the experiment on the dose of morphine as a catalyst for activity in the reward centers of the brain, while the second group was provided with textured naltrexone you are the opposite of the effect of morphine. The third group deceived the medication does not contain any active ingredients, but it only depends on the degree to suggest testing when the patient.

The study, according to the site scinexx that those who received morphine gave signs of greater faces of women who liked the first part of the experiment and increased their desire to be considered for these images a longer period, while increased at the same time, the degree of reluctance from the faces that they did not like.

The second group that received the material naltrexone, has given even less signs of faces that they like in the first experiment, as I said, their desire to be considered a long time for pictures.

And transfer site for scinexx researcher Olga Chenkova saying that the results of the study provide evidence for the possibility of manipulation Bnzertna of beauty, which rely heavily on chemical formulations in the brain.

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