Take advantage of the menstrual cycle to lose more kilos

Occur in the body during the menstrual cycle many changes, especially in the hormones, and today we give you some facts about how to take advantage of the period of the menstrual cycle to lose weight; the key to success lies in focusing on the following basic points:
Avoid water retention: We all know that the body is more susceptible to water retention before and during the menstrual cycle, for gaining weight at a rate of two kilograms during this period. Avoid this change in weight during the month of completely stay away from foods that cause fluid retention, ie, containing a high percentage of sodium and especially salt.

Take advantage of the change in metabolism: research indicated that the level of burning in the body increases dramatically week of the menstrual cycle, and even before the first day, Fastvida of this particular point to faster weight loss.
Consequently, Focus on foods that speed up the fat burning and so completely as a result of doubling in that period, or to stimulate the burning of fat, which is a much slower pace during the period of the menstrual cycle and even termination. Can you find a list of foods that speed up the fat burning process on the following link.
Also, it should be noted that the volatility in the level of hormones in your body during that period expose the permanent feeling of hunger and desire to eat sweets, especially, therefore, Harba this desire by focusing on natural foods that deliberately to curb appetite.

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