Six foods intended for Diet, but increase weight!

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Dieting or some foods that you think that you can be addressed when you follow a strict diet to lose weight is actually unhealthy. Despite the fact that these foods are low in calories, but they contain chemically treated materials may in turn lead to increased calories in the body. Here are six foods intended for Diet, but increase weight without learning.

1- granola bar:

It is true that granola bar made ​​from nuts and oats, but the problem arises when it is added to these ingredients, sugar and oil to come out in the end product, which is sold in the markets. Granola ready to be loaded with a large amount of sugars and unhealthy fats, so it is best to eat home-made granola or replaced with fresh fruit.

2 - corn flakes (cornflakes):

Chips cornflakes allocated to the Diet is not low-fat as you think, whether it be mixed with dried fruits or nuts or oats, it will not be much different from the normal types, on the contrary, the use of dried fruits means they loaded with large quantities of sugar center.

3- low-fat cheese:

Low-fat cheese is not as perfect as you think, they contain preservatives, making it unhealthy at all, here it is preferred instead of them eating a low-salt cheese or cottage.

4- yogurt

Useful alternatives to the normal yogurt for dieters food, low-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt. As for the fruit yogurt is eaten as a cup of ice cream in terms of calories derived by the body. Eat a low-fat yogurt or skim instead of plain yogurt to get a perfect result.

5- robbers authorities Ready

Authority healthy food for those who want to lose weight but add the sauce ready, which is available in the markets it loses its health benefits and exclusive result in the introduction of excess calories the body. Hence, replacing the preferred types of ready-made sauce Balkhaltat home health.

6- snacks gluten free

Spread the slogan "gluten-free" a lot lately among dieters food, but Remember that foods free of gluten, such as cookies and candies are usually harmful to the health of the body because they are full of sugar processor and preservatives that are often harmful to the body more than it could benefit him.
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