Simple ways for hair care during the period of autumn

Hair knows the changing nature Kalepeshrh completely, which may change as a result of diet we eat or the difference in temperature and weather.

In the fall semester begins hair in precipitation and embrittlement as a result of temperature change to cold and that consequently lead to dehydration of natural fat secreted by the scalp, to affect adversely the hair follicles and natural Dhunh Viqcef and flaking and dry and lose its luster.

In this article (Bos and divorced) offers you some tips for daily and weekly routine to take care of your hair gorgeous in autumn
Simple means for hair care during the period of autumn:

- Avoid washing hair with hot water too, but you have to wash it off with lukewarm water.

- Do not Tkthrey Tqlli of times or wash your hair 3 times a week in summer or winter was.

- You massage your hair scalp with oil bath fitting once a week, with the help of Vtdlak scalp oil stimulates circulation and strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair loss and nourished, the hair also helps to resist the weather factors that harm him.

- Do not forget that food plays a role in the first hair care, the more the meal was integrated nutrients, especially proteins, thus ensured whenever they felt smooth and shiny thick.

- Use a soft cotton towel to dry your hair naturally, Valmnschwh lead to bombard the coarse hair and hair loss.

- Stay away from connecting hair strongly special it is wet, but simply by linking national and through the soft cotton tie after the first left to dry, so do not Tmanaa him a special air to breathe if you are wearing a veil.

- Do not forget to moisturize your hair after every wash, because the autumn weather factors and the hottest water used lead to bombard the hair and then dried hair loss.

- Comb your hair by a comb or a brush of wood and wide openings and bitch about plastic comb, which causes the electrical charge of the hair Fadafh.

- Avoid using dried in general for drying your hair because frequent use weakens the hair and lead to hair loss, but Leave the hair to cool down naturally.

- Cooler air may cause some tension and depression for girls, so Vastgle autumn stroll in and move so much Do not let the opportunity of tension to creep you, as the mental state represents the most important factors that influence positively or negatively on the health of the skin and hair.

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