Lighten the skin and remove excess hair with lemon

For hair removal, there are many natural recipes, which we may see that they are not sufficiently effective, after her experience. But do you know what is the reason for this?! Said to Recipes hair removal does not remove hair completely, but the delay or easing the growth significantly. Until you realized it, you need to abide by repeating Recipes hair removal on a daily basis, for a period of not less than 6 months, until you feel the difference....

In order to combine skin-lightening and hair removal, Follow the following steps:
. First of all, you need to bring a kilo of lemon.
2. national squeezing lemon in a small dish.
3 Avrga lemon juice in a small bottle or an old box airtight.
4. dip a small piece of cotton in the lemon juice.
5. by massaging the areas you want lightened hair and remove them. You may feel the pinch light in the beginning, but do not worry, Vallimon will not cause inflammation of the skin.
6 Wait until the lemon dry, then wash the skin with water.
7 Repeat this process for a period of not less than two months.

Mixtures of lemon to remove excess hair and lint from the face!
If you use the traditional method of hair removal, and found that the skin inflamed, you can be Ttakchi problem flush by filling the pot by a multitude of ice and liquid milk, then dip a piece of cotton in the milk iced, and Put a layer of it on the areas that suffer from redness, and leave to dry. You can repeat put another layer of milk after a quarter of an hour, and repeat this process until your skin back to their natural color.   
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