How wearing animate body full of clothing in an appropriate manner

If your body is full of some thing you have to Trace a few tips that will help you to appear beautiful views, including:

  • Try not to Tgzba attention to the parts of your body in the petition.
  •  If the fullness at the buttocks area, Vtjunba multiple cuts, heavy and complex designs and embroideries, and choose Join jeeps and trousers.
  •  To Atertda designs layers hanging from waists and Replace it with designs or styles longitudinal lines.
  •  Stay away from completely Beji trousers with severe Alusa, especially with multiple pockets and open it to show the fuller and more suggestive of minors.
  •  To Atertda belts at the waist, if broad, because it describes the waist width and fullness of the buttocks.
  •  If the fullness at the chest area, the vast Voqubla simple clothes, and Beware of narrow pieces over the chest area, even if one of the fashion lines to suggest it as big as the size of the chest.
  •  ACCEPT the sober dark colors so they look alarmed smaller area, and come in the colors of the season are in your favor earthy colors like navy mysterious, olive green and purple colors show the colors are more beautiful.
  •  If you are Her stomach is full Fabtaadi wearing Albadahat or sweatshirts or jackets on short trousers and jeeps narrow because they show this fullness, but you can wear long or drills Altonakat sealed.
  • Stay away as possible from the large printed patterns and horizontal lines, completely away from the lines (Alcarōhat) as it works to increase the size, always choose a thin small inscriptions.

  •  Stay away from fully carrying large size bag because it adds to your body size.
  •  ACCEPT on long contracts thin and not filled.
  •  Wear high heels to achieve a balance between your height and your body is full.

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