How Tatnin your skin when entering the thirties?

If you are on the outskirts of the session, you have to care for this age provide for your hair, so you these tips:
Make sure you always remove make-up before going to sleep, during the night, the body all the repair work, so start by following the specific system to take care of your skin for the night Tmanaa appearance of fine lines.
Akhalda to sleep early, late Sleeping cause the appearance of dark circles around the eyes and bulges, the priority is you get 8 hours of sleep per day.
Use sunscreen SPF -30 degree or higher, both types of ultraviolet rays, "A, B" is one of the basic reasons for the appearance of signs of aging.
Be sure to use a daily cream and effectively to resist signs of aging fits the needs of your skin.
• Avoid eating fast food, Vahtoaúha a high proportion of fat and preservatives hurt the body is reflected on the skin immediately.
• Limit drinking coffee, soft drinks, and Astbdlleha water and herbal tea. And Oqlaa smoking for good, then he had a negative impact on the skin at the stage where the thirties lose freshness and causes the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth.
• Do not Tkhalda to sleep without ever setting eyes cream, and always the Holy Place the tip of your finger the little gentle patting motion to keep the thin skin around the eyes.
Do not use large amounts of make-up and powders as they harm skin and make it look dry.
Look around and look meaningless to consider the style of make-up and hairstyle Taatbaém who, if they are the same Atalaltk since 10 or 15 years, it is time for a change.

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