How Taatmtaan wonderful smell of your body in your birthday gala

1- Wear comfortable cotton clothes in this day so as not to Taatargi quickly, and bitch about clothing made from leather fabrics specifically because they cause sweat. And aromatic clothes before wearing them, preferably to wash your clothes washing powder from the beginning with aromatic odor, or Put some lemon leaves dry between items of clothing when stored in the cupboard until your clothes smell scented remain in the long term.

2- Start your day by taking a long bath. Preferably aromatic perfumed bath oils that help to relax the body and give an attractive smell for long hours, as well as body lotion and Use shampoo from scented species. But if your skin is sensitive, Vtjunba scented lotions, which caused her itchy feeling and exposure to inflammation of the skin, and Aatmda instead on natural oils such as lemon oil, lavender oil and a summary and recap of jasmine oil.

3- can while showering that you make a quick session to remove excess hair, because it is the cause of sweating the body, as well as the body retain the smell of sweat that is attached between the IPL for long hours. But if you do not have plenty of time to do so, we recommend using a cream or powder or spray to remove the race immediately after bathing.

4-When styling your hair, use a styling cream also with aromatic odor, and after you finish Tsfivtk, preferably Tnthrey some spray installer hairstyle with aromatic odor on your hair.

5- Stay away from pets. If you are raising a dog or cat, there Tqterba of any of them during this special day so you do not stick your RaÚanhma unpleasant. As well as avoid physical exertion so as not to overload Taatargi throughout the day.

6- If you prefer to put quiet perfume you are a traditional woman classic to the maximum degree, the kind that clings to the customs and traditions do not like going out about whatever happened, but at the same time enjoy the character of freedom and non-compliance, although great to stay up on these customs and traditions, but you love freedom and feeling comfortable, they prefer to give it the largest of its size, but you deal with every situation and this is simply one of the largest Mmizzatk which must Tfajra out.

7-If holiday Christmas concert in late in the day, it is best to Tagele wear custom clothing to celebrate until the approach of the concert so as not to wear throughout the day and stick to the smell of sweat, as well as try to get a quick bath before wearing clothes with re previous steps of perfuming Bmazil sweat sweating body parts, then put your best perfume after wearing your clothes. Preferably, of course, choose a long-lasting fragrance smell.

8-preferably choose a comfortable shoe exposed until you get your feet on the proper ventilation is not Taatariqan. If you're locked Stertdan shoes and high heels, wearing prefers to postpone until the moment before the arrival of your guests to keep your feet more prone to the air for as long as possible, as well as to Tdmna your feet are not subjected to fatigue.

9- Take care of the cleanliness of your teeth, nationalist wash your teeth once in the morning and again before you put your make-up for the ceremony, as well as make sure to yank some spray freshener mouth inside your mouth, or chew some gum scent of aromatic such as peaches or mint, for example, as well as used moist lips and lip gloss smell aromatic attractive .

10- Use also moisturizing cream for the skin with a distinctive aromatic odor.

11- Make sure during the ceremony on the scattering some spray freshener private room after your guests to fill the house, preferably my exposure to ventilate the house bear the appropriate number that Tstqublanh.

12- If you notice during the ceremony that the smell of your body may become a little Mtariqh, Vetoaghi to the bathroom immediately and Put some fragrance or Wipe Almtariqh areas hankies wet aromatic odor removal, then Pour some of the sweat on those areas remover.
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