Hair roots decomposition character

Many people believe that the health condition of the hair is a reflection of the psyche, and our case moods, and this speech was found mainly his health as evidenced experts; where scientists found that the roots of the hair cells can reveal the secrets of the biological clock, this is what has been published in the study of the journal Proceedings of the Academy national Science, which can determine the unique information about your body, as eating food and mental activity and mental state.

This discovery came at the hands of "Makoto Akashi," a researcher at Yamaguchi University in Japan, where the samples were taken from the hair roots to isolate and track gene activity, and the interesting thing is, that the hair of the beard was more elements of portability to give results.

This study allows patients who suffer from sleep disorders or in identifying the right people for night work assistance, especially since studies have shown that a person is exposed to the pressures of the timing of the work, it may be the cause of a heart attack or stroke, these genes also determine the readiness signs of weight gain and the relationship with food, not to mention the symptoms of depression, according to laboratory tests....

This USB Scientists discover gene responsible for biological Ten years ago the clock, but the new method allows tracking changes without the need to take frequent blood samples, from here we find that the hair is the fact that mirror, reflect the nature of our bodies and our health, beauty of hair and his strength is not an indication of elegance The only beauty.
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