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The Diet cotton latest accursed around the world, which depends mainly on eating cotton balls Almgamsh orange juice or lemon or any of the other juices, so it increases the feeling of satiety and does not cause any Veadh in weight, and is the first of done this Altejreb dangerous group of British fashion models, and fashion model Priya says Murphy, "I've heard about people eating cotton Almgams juice for the feeling of satiety. Because cotton does not contain anything degrades and gives a feeling Baltkhmh. "

However, these Hooray's spread dramatically and rapidly among teenagers around the world, to reach the ideal weight like mannequins in a short time, has made ​​doctors launch warnings caused Diet cotton in choking and malnutrition, Vansdd intestine highlighted fears of doctors and caused by material non-digestible poetry or vegetables rich in fiber significantly, and if this plant cotton. That with the passage of time has caused a blockage in the intestine and the work of the internal barriers overlay of cotton fiber.

Has appeared, including flavors and different types, such as juices Almgams also grilled, Every Day shows new innovations in the world of exotic diet, to get the perfect strength as soon as possible ways, even if it came at the expense of our health in the future, and the consequences can be more advantages. 
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