Best hairstyles appropriate for face-term

Characterized by the nature of the long form of the face where the elongation is large and a front chin long, so you you need to increase the hair styles of face width and size.

Here, dear methods hairdressing Check that her experience:

- Remember that long hair is very long face elongation increases, so we advise you not to increase the length of your hair limit your shoulders as much as possible. Vqsat hair very long or very short are not in line with the owners face rectangle where they increase the length of your face.

- If you are determined to prolong your hair must be coupled with Pegrh hair from the front or front side so as to cover the front face with the adoption of tufts varying in length at the neck area.

- Hair Alsabl "the not" make your face seem longer than it is, so the fact that hair is made ​​of corrugated is the best treatment for your problem, it increases the width of the face by adding density around it.

- Ask your Quaver that increases the density of hair in the middle of the face with make some limbs Tnthe towards the nose and mouth, and so Stgalin cheekbones seem more casually as well as the shape of your face will look like oval.

- Is the surprise of hair effective solutions for the treatment of the problem of the length of the face where the forelock covering the front, which helps to reduce the length of the face, so do not be afraid to try to get the forelock attractive to bring the beauty.

- You can choose from many diverse grat hair, but the best surprise ever equal the front hair that are parallel to the eyebrows and hair unawares various side.

- Remind you that a lot of Hollywood starlets have the long face Kalndjemh Hilary Swank, and show you some of the images of the hairstyles inspired by her hair appropriate for the face rectangle.

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