Akhosra 5 kilos in two weeks

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If you are looking for a diet reduces the weight of a lot of kilos in a short time, the safest way is to reduce the number of daily calories derived by a body with the burning of large quantities of them. Here's a healthy diets that will ensure you lose 5 pounds in just two weeks or less

Dieting program:


A quarter of a loaf of brown + boiled egg + green leaves


A quarter of a loaf of brown + five tablespoons soybean oil without + cup orange juice


300 grams of barbecue (meat or chicken) + fruit, potatoes grilled Bakcherha + salad large tablespoon cream curdled

You can replace the potatoes with five tablespoons white revetment


A can of tuna +4 biscuits, whole grains + fruit, tomatoes + cup yogurt

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Snacks that can be taken between meals:

Apple fruit

Fruit fruit and a few nuts by hand grip

A small cup of latte

Fruit Smoothie

4 small cubes of dark chocolate

Cup Homs Sham

Fruit vegetables

Green Smoothie fruit (a mixture of parsley leaves and choice and lemon juice and green ginger and mint leaves)

Note: You can eat two meals and snacks at most per day.

General tips:

- Aim half an hour a day in the exercise or walking to be done two hours after eating.

- Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

- Drink a cup of green tea or decaffeinated cinnamon sugar a day where it will enhance the burning of calories and fat....
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