General advice to the beauty of your nails

Since our hands open and exposed to many external factors, so it is best to maintain them and keep healthy and soft as well as nails must be maintained ornate and shiny. Hands exposed daily exposure to detergents such as soap, which helps dry skin of hands and then the appearance of age lines quickly.The foot also need to take care of her, most of us do not give away the attention it deserves, attention given to foot means attention to the health of the fingers and nails, and try to remove dead skins and massage feet and ankles regularly.Hand care and attention

State hands health depends on the interest. The apparent leather palm is usually fresh and soft and fragile, so it will be more prone to wrinkling, while leather soles cease to be strong and tough and thick. Since the skin stop does not contain any number of natural sebaceous paintings, so we see Java and harsh.After a bath or finished rinsing, washing, try to massage your hands with oil or special. In fact, you must use protection creams always when you do the work of the house and especially washing and rinsing.Let your health habits to care for yourself, a to write work Manaquier your fingernail care per week, which will be reflected on your nails seem beautiful and healthy, and will Taatvadin thus annoying problems such as brittle nails, broken, split and crack ....If exposed nails to cracking or breakage, you might be in this case need to be strengthened so regularly used one nail care products available in the market.Every night before going to sleep, Massage your hands using a special cream for several minutes.Any emergency treatment for the skin coarse, Karim used in abundance on the skin and before going to sleep Put the cream on the skin and wear special gloves.Do exercises and special training in hands that will help to increase the flexibility of the hands and improve blood circulation. Try to do these exercises at least 6 - 10 times a day.To increase the flexibility of hands nationalist national arbitration grip and pressure on the maximum power possible for one minute and then a national open palms as hard as you can.Bezel hands in front of you, Ashpka fingers and tightly Adguetém with some then Push individual fingers to the maximum extent possible.Relax Adekke, Try moving your hands from the wrist in a circular motion clockwise first, and then in a counter-clockwise.Interest in feetMany of us do not give adequate attention is required for the feet, and perhaps we do not realize that the foot holds almost five times the total body weight. Each submission (26) bone which is equal to a quarter of the bones of the body combined with each other to be a network of muscles and tendons.So it's basically:Care and attention underfoot.

Trimming nails foot.
Remove coarse skin and the dead.Massage feet and ankles on a regular basis.
Steps interest in feet
The attention and pedicure periodically requires no time or effort. Try Alihamam twice a week.Remove the coarse skin by a special stone or foot dip in a special cream. You may need foot soaking in a bowl or a bowl, especially in hot water somewhat, to soften the dead skin and remove dirt and speed skin Alambt.Soak your feet for ten minutes in a pot warm water added to a little salt or quantity of mineral sea salts. Then add two drops of lavender extract oil to soothe the pain and ease of removal of dead skin.Wipe dry your feet well, especially between the toes, then national pruned finger nails with emery paper sharp limbs and staff.Massage your feet with nourishing cream, use massage Abhamik and Click provisions on the upper part of the foot during the massage Babhammek abroad
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