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Experiencing fashion in 2012 remarkably versatile both in fashion and the day or in the evening. The colors on the top of the list of diversity, where every girl can wear what you want, including the grades bold and frank. The neon colors of the boldest fashions that appeared this year in the evening fashion. Despite the caution needs to wear these colors, they are one of the easiest choices that you can shine and appearing characteristically in any occasion. So, we know in this thread on the most important conditions that must be available in the fashion you can sparkle in the evening neon colors. 

Neon colors:

Neon colors or phosphorescent colors, the most famous yellow, followed by green, but the most recent and most daring is neon fuchsia, bright blue, and orange phosphoric.

Nature of the event is the first judgment: 

Before you decide to wear a neon colors, you must first know the nature of the event that will determine if he is fit to wear those colors or not. Not only the place, and the type of occasion, but also the audience do not even graduated from the evening and you are very frustrated because of the lack of acceptance from around the color you have chosen. It makes no sense to wear this color strong at a birthday party, for example, or the betrothal ceremony in a small place like a house or a garden or roof. But can be worn in a large wedding or ceremony at a luxury hotel.

Color choice on what basis:

You could be a fan of green phosphoric but his preference would be to Faisal in your choice. But the nature and color of your skin and your hair will determine which colors will be choosing. Stand in front of the mirror and my fashion dresses or any neon colors you Observe how they interact skin and hair with it as well as the color of the eyes. Valepeshrh Khmer with honey-colored look more radiant in degrees of yellow and green neon. The white will be more Turda with fuchsia pink and blue neon.

The same degree of neon must take into account the suitability of your skin and posture with a place in mind lighting. In general, the higher the degree of neon (optical) They make light skin color is more dark. Everything Sthtegenh to make sure it is put color near your face with replaced with other colors you notice the difference. Also preferably choose neon grades least if you Her strength is full. 

Neon? Neon .. The boldest fashions:
It is more cries Alsoareh daring at all those that combine two neon colors or more in the same Lok whether in dress or dress and accessories. Choosing color with another color neon may seem of great beauty and boldness checked in check and you've done to the fullest. Months Styles that emerged this year, those that combine grades one color neon Calfochea. 

One of the most neon colors that appeared in the fashion and accessories specifically fuchsia and orange with red. Be careful in the selection of two contrasting colors such as orange and green .. But you can choose neon blue with fuchsia because they Atne_men together more easily than other colors.

You can also wear green with fuchsia Luc bolder, especially if you Her strength curvaceous or slender. 

How wearing neon colors in the evening:

If you are reluctant to choose these strong colors explicit, you can start Balxssoar. Has provided many of the fashion houses accessory sets of colored beads and crystal neon colors, and are also available in the footwear and handbags Alsoareh. For example, Enter the joy Soiree black dress with a bag and fluorescent red shoes. Or choose a neon accessory Fuchsia with dark dress MOV. 

But if you choose to wear neon in the dress you can choose Xssoark of neutral colors beige Kalabad, silver or matte copper, or other neon colors as stated above.

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