Fashion Gucci Reddy Tu ware Spring 2013

International fashion houses precede all seasons to put their feet in Fashion Square strongly and be one of the first participants in drawing lines fashion and fashion in the next season. So, we are still at the beginning of the winter of 2012, Racing the world's best known designers in the fashion groups shaping fashion in the upcoming spring 2013 season. The House of Gucci Italian heritage of the first fashion house that made fashion collections process - or Style Reddy Tu ware Ready to Wear-season next spring. We address in this topic highlighted models that came in the group.

Suit .. For a period of the day and Style:  

Appeared Suit Classic and Modern in last season autumn 2012 and will continue until the spring of 2013 in Fashion Reddy Tu-ware, but with different models. They included a fashion Gucci Spring on models very simple to suit but bold colors such Suit blue syphilis, consisting of blouse with long sleeves, is open from the front, and pocket Front small side, and slot neck Sabrina, with a pair of Street wide.

There are models closer to the traditional Style suit but different more feminine lines such light turquoise suit consisting of a jacket with a belt average supply of the same material, wide collared triangular, and long sleeves hanging wide the thin Peixrat and ends broad Bosorh. You'll notice that the design of the jacket combines Suit lines as well as the blouse, which adds any workable Luc paper.

Some allowances come with new models and bolder colors like fuchsia suit gentlemen design is inspired by the old military suit, consisting of a jacket is open from side to shoulder, and a belt of the same material with wide trousers Street.

New Styles in Fashion evening:

The group included fashion process or Reddy Tu ware evening and night adopted designers Gucci colors explicit as well as the quality of raw materials. And including dresses Bmodellat in such a very simple wonderful dress with long sleeves, and there is no any details or decorations except beaded embroidery in bright colors including red, orange on the shoulder and around the neck.

It is the most prominent features in a Gucci Spring 2013 that most of the models came on the reverse fashion fashionable spring where almost devoid of flowers and inscriptions rely on bright colors only. It is clear from the group that flagrant or colors that tend to neon continue until next spring. We find fuchsia bubblegum in the fashion of the day and evening like designer chiffon dress you and one in the form of cornice wrapped around the arm, and descending Street Bfathtin small side to help ease traffic.

It appears similar to the earlier model in another dress with bright turquoise, but comes with long sleeves in the form of cornice also broad and descending Street, which makes it suitable for a veiled girl. Observe start Cornices sleeves Collar!

It dresses that are in line with the fashion neon colors came with bright yellow like the dress without sleeves, large Pkrainc.

And find glaring neon orange dress with long sleeves ending multiple Pkrainc and embroidered with a flower garland around the neck opening.

Fashion evening included Style Suit also seems that it would be the basics of fashion in the coming spring season, whether during the day or in the afternoon. Gucci has provided new models instead of the evening designed ores thin silk Kalhivoun also comes some elaborate dresses inspired by such blue suit syphilis half kilometers wide cornices in the form of butterfly wings.

As well as a suit with bright turquoise embellished cornices on both sides making it suitable for Girl Her lean textures Alvara only.


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