Beware Dieting after birth

German doctor stressed Valtraod Pfarar Hamburg women have recently given birth should not seek to restore Rchaguethen and access to the ideal strength immediately after birth through diet.
The doctor showed that diet is stressful for the body, while the body is already tired because of pregnancy, childbirth and the hormonal changes associated with them, as well as body's secretion of milk for breastfeeding and not getting enough sleep and rest because of the child. 

The doctor also warned German women have recently given birth, lay off eating in order to restore Rchaguethen, emphasizing the need for a balanced diet during this period, in order to allow the body, and carry all this stress. 

The doctor recommended women eat foods that are rich in important nutrients for the body, such as fruits and vegetables and whole grain products, dairy products, pointing out that the nursing mother needs to average 600 extra calories a day.
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